Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The arrival of Lilly Grace Garratt

Following their glorious wedding the year before, we were all very pleased to hear that Anna and Steve didn't hang about when it came to creating a new addition to their little family.

Lilly joined us in March last year, and her arrival was officially announced to the world whilst her Mum was still off her face on drugs (from the birth!) and couldn't spell her name properly on the mass text message. That aside, everything about her appearance on the planet was pretty darn perfect.

As the presents had already been dished out at the baby shower, I decided to take along the gift of a little poem when meeting Lilly for the first time, and here's how it went:

There was once a tiny lady, Miss Lilly Grace Garratt,
Who had a nose like a button and a squawk like a parrot,
She had little blue eyes and a wide mouthed yawn,
And made everyone happy the day she was born.

Lilly, photographed by Anna Stretton

Her mummy and her daddy really loved her very much,
So did her fake aunties, like ‘The Chief’ and ‘L Hutch’,
Her darling little happy face held the attention of all in the room,
And she made her auntie Nikki cry before she even left the womb!

She got presents by the bucket load (including offensive bibs!)

Don't know who this gift was aimed at

Her room and wardrobe were so pimped out she could have appeared on Cribs!
She had piles of toys coming out of her ears and many a pretty dress,
But luckily nobody had gone out and bought the latest album from JLS!

Most people guessed that she’d be huge in the ‘string and mummy’s bump’ game,

This wasn't meant to be insulting

And just as her Auntie Holly had hoped her hair was red as a flame,
She received lots of pretty pink baby gifts, which for a girl is just the ticket!
Unless her daddy gets his hands on her first and makes her a fan of the cricket.

May angels guard you on your path, and cherubs protect you from harm,
And may you take after your beautiful Mum with her super warmth and charm,
Let’s hope your days are full of fun, happiness and just being silly,
‘Cus nothing in the world could be too good for our gorgeous little Lilly.

Lilly, Lillykins, Fredlet

© Holly Purcell 2012